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Teach with iPad in the Classroom

This online course has been retired. If you have taken this course already it may still be applied towards the Ed Tech Endorsement. However, if this is a course you were hoping to take, the Becoming an Apple Certified Teacher - iPad course is the course we recommend. This course covers much of the same type of content (and more!) as the Teach with iPad in the Classroom course. 

This ONLINE course is designed to help teachers learn strategies for using their iPad for instruction. More than a movie or gaming device, the iPad functions as many things.  An interactive whiteboard, a camera/video editor, a textbook reader, a dictionary and complete thesaurus, a curation device for news about anything at any time.  The iPad can also be used as a communication device featuring email, FaceTime or Skype.  An iPad can also be used as a presentation device, and a multimedia device bringing the world to your fingertips.  Also learn about educational apps that can be used in any subject or curriculum area.   

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