Certification Requirements

Level 2


To receive the Level 2 Certification, complete THIRTEEN of the following modules online via Canvas and complete SIX, 1-hour observations with your school's Technology Coach.  Modules can be completed in any order.  Upon completion, participants will receive a $400 stipend and THREE USBE or SUU credits,  which can be applied to the Education Technology Endorsement.   Badges will also be awarded for demonstrating competency after each module. Prerequisite: Level 1 Certification or Ed Tech Endorsed

To register for this class, enroll in MIDAS course #31828 at https://usbe.midaseducation.com/. The course content will be accessed through Canvas. The Canvas self-enroll link is available in the MIDAS course description.

Some of the Level 2 courses will be taught in-person for those who would prefer to take a face-to-face class. Classes will be held from 4:15 - 7:15 PM in the CAB-E computer lab, unless specified otherwise. The class descriptions provide the day, time, and location of the training.

This document is a fantastic resource to help you as you work through the Level 2 certification course.

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